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Christmas Teddy Bear Diaper Wreath

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24 Size 1 "LUVS" Disposable Diapers Gathered on a 14" Metal Ring, 3 Gerber Baby Washcloths, 1 Johnson's Baby Shampoo, 1 Johnson's Baby Wash, 1 Johnson's Baby Lotion, 1 Johnson's Nourishing Lotion, 1 Desitin Creamy, 1 Pacifier, 1 Medicine Dropper, 1 Water Filled Teether, 1 Baby Spoon & Fork Set, 12 Sets of Decorative Holly Leaves with Berries, & a 12" White Christmas Teddy Bear in the Center.

All Placed on a Cardboard Backing & Sealed in Shrink-Wrap with a Hook on the Back for Hanging.

Comes with a Gift Card.

Dimensions are 25" Across by 3 1/2" Deep. Weighs 3 lb. 4 oz.


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