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About Us and Our Products

Ck's Creations started about 35 years ago when I was invited to a baby shower for a relative. I wanted to do something different and something special. I had always had the idea in my head of what I would do if I ever created a diaper cake. That is when I created my very first diaper cake. I received a lot of praise and I was told by several people that I should start my own business making diaper cakes. At that time I was an account executive working for a large media company and I was working on the road six month out of the year, not really a good time to start a home based business!

A few years later my father became very ill and I needed to be closer to home to take care of him and his needs. I took up local employment to stay close to him.

I never felt that I was fulfilling my potential with the employment I was in. After my father passed away I asked my husband what he thought about me starting my own home based business creating diaper and towel cakes for a living. He knows how happy I am when I can use my talents to create something and that is how it all started.

I have always believed in the Golden Rule. It has helped me succeed to be the best I can be and I love passing it on in the quality of my products.

About Our Cakes and Other Items.

At this time we have over 150 products for you to choose from with the number of new products being created almost every day; there is a product for Any Occasion.

Our Diaper Cakes are made out of disposable diapers and many baby products.

Our Towel Cakes are made out of 100% cotton towels and many pactical items.

There is NO glue or straight pins in any of our Diaper or Towel Cakes.

All our cakes are made with all usable products and no empty fillers.

Diaper and Towel Cakes are the perfect gift to replace the traditional gift baskets.

Please remember that while consistency is a very high priority of ours, each diaper and towel cake created is an original, and may very slightly from the picture. Some items are subject to availablity.

Most diaper cakes are made with Size 1 LUVS Diapers. Did you know that the average newborn baby uses 8 to 10 disposable diapers a day? At that rate, mom and dad will get more than a weeks worth of diaper out of my average 3 tier diaper cake.

Thank you for your interest in our story and products.

Hope we hear from you soon and Happy Shopping :D


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